Home and Contents Over Insured?

13July 2021

Is is possible to OVER insure your home and contents?

We came across a somewhat counter-intuitive piece by from an Insurance Broker in Tauranga.

Titled “Are you Over Insured?” by Jan Viljoen, Insurance Broker based in Tauranga.

Here is the original article here:  https://jvfs.co.nz/2021/07/01/are-you-over-insured/

Got us thinking – with the recent (2021) increases in building costs, cost of living, and obviously house prices as well… are some people actually OVER insured rather than the classic line we hear usually which is the other way around.

Generally – I’d say no way.  In this day and age, it’s far more likely that someone is under insured than over – however, you never know right?

There are people, and I don’t recommend this for a second, who just set up insurances, and never review them again.

Why am I writing about this here?

Because it makes sense.

Often, a Mortgage Broker / Advisor will be, or work closely with, an Insurance Broker / Advisor.  It’s well worth having a chat to them.

Much like using a broker / advisor for your mortgage, there is usually a deeper knowledge set and experience set with dedicated professionals, rather than just going through a bank for example.

Worth a thought anyway.


Ken Graham – Finance Blogger

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